What's Lacking in Your Diet?

This new 2016 updated, edition of New Zealand's most popular and easy-to-understand health book (over 88,000 copies sold) is packed full of priceless health information and now with international measurements.

This book shows you how to dramatically improve your health by making small but critical changes to your diet. When you supply your body with the correct balance of minerals, vitamins and fats, you will enjoy a clearer mind, sharper memory, sound heart, efficient immune system, clear arteries, healthy bones, loads of energy, a worry-free outlook on life and refreshing sleep.

There are sections in the book showing you how to prevent many of the major health issues today. Also a fail-proof way of losing 3 kgs a week and then remaining permanently slim for the rest of your life.

There is information on each mineral and vitamin, the role it plays in your body, the effects of having too much or not enough, the recommended intake levels and a table of food sources rich in that nutrient.

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Customer Reviews

“This has changed my life. My pain has eased and with the help of your Carnitine I have found that I am losing weight, and my sleep cycle is now regular for the first time in years.”
Miriam MacDonald

“Reading carefully every page in the last six days has deeply impressed me with the value of this book. Stay Healthy is relevant to many who are seeking to take greater responsibility for their life-long health.”

Robert Dee

"There are lots of health books out there these days. However, if you are looking for something really useful, insightful, well researched and a real treasure of information, look no further. This is the one."

Jonathan Eisen

“It’s the first time anything I have been interested in and purchased has exceeded the advertised expectations. The book is absolutely wonderful. It will take its place amongst the array of medical texts in my bookcase.”

Geoff MacDonald

Best book I have ever read bar-none! I have now lost 15 kilos and working on the next 10 with help from information derived from this book.”

Denis Riddell

"What makes this book special is that it presents a wealth of information clearly and succinctly and empowers people to take charge of their own health."

Katherine Smith

Meet David

David Coory is the researcher and author with books in the Health, Marriage/Relationship and Bible Niches. His “Stay Healthy by Supplying What’s Lacking in Your Diet” a nutrition guide is New Zealand’s top selling health book of all time. Sales of this book in NZ now exceed 85,000 copies. A new updated 10th International edition was launched Oct 16 and will be launched in the US, CA and UK market shortly.

David has also authored a self-help relationship book to assist women in bringing out the best in their husbands, called “Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood." Countless thousands of copies have been downloaded by women worldwide. Many report their marriages being saved or enhanced and even divorced couples have remarried as women follow the timeless truths in this book. It has also been the subject of a 60 Minutes TV Documentary. It is in the final stages of being translated into Spanish which is due for release on Dec 16.

David’s current effort is focussed on updating his third book the “Condensed Bible” where David has used the world's best translations to produce a Bible that allows people who have never read it to gain the essence without being overwhelmed by its size and afford those who have read it to gain more insights to the teachings contained in it. Throughout all of his writing, David has sought to deliver truths, in a simple to understand language that allows people to be empowered to make informed choices in healing themselves Physically, Mentally or Spiritually.